Tell your Representative: OPPOSE National Right-to-Work!

Congressman Steve King (R-Iowa) recently introduced H.R. 785, the National-Right-to-Work Act, which would create a nationwide prohibition against representation fees in private sector collective bargaining agreements. This legislation is better known as Right-to-Work (for less).

Research shows that workers in Right-to-Work (for less) states have lower wages, a less secure retirement and more fatalities and injuries in the workplace; allowing some employees in a unionized workplace to pay zero in dues while receiving the same wages, benefits, and representation as their coworkers. Plain and simple, this is wrong!

While so-called Right-to-Work laws have been enacted in 27 states under the guise of economic growth, the real purpose of this dangerous law is to weaken our strength as a union. Now some anti-worker politicians in Congress want to take this bad state law, and make it national.

Please take a moment to contact your elected representatives in Congress and urge them to OPPOSE the National Right-to-Work Act (H.R. 785) by clicking the link below and sending a pre-drafted message via the SMART-TD Legislative Action Center.

Click HERE to urge your Representatives to OPPOSE H.R. 785 the “National Right-to-Work Act!

In solidarity,
John Risch National Legislative Director SMART Transportation Division