The Chicago Service Unit has started to implement a new crew strategy for running trains through Proviso to or from Yard Center. The first that Local 528 knew of this plan was when our Brothers and Sisters the members working on the Proviso NE2 Pool notified us. The Chicago Service Unit has not communicated this plan to us. We are continuing to reach them to collectively establish a unified qualification program for all Conductors at Proviso.

We recognize the Conductors working on the Proviso Pool have many concerns over this new work. We will address a some of the major concerns that have surfaced below. 

  1. The first is can we do this work and is it within the boundaries of our agreement? The answer is YES than can have us receive/leave our train anywhere within the boundaries of the Chicago Terminal Complex.
  2. What is the Chicago Terminal Complex and it's boundaries?  The Chicago Terminal Complex is defined under the 1996 C&NW/UP merger agreement and is basically the entire Union Pacific footprint in the greater Chicago area, defined in a 41 mile radius around Chicago.  
  3. What is the correct pay for this work? Our current trip rates covering your route for which called to operate will still apply. Overtime will still start after completing the run miles for the trip. 
  4. How will I be qualified to operate on this new territory? You will not be required to lose time or "ride the rode" on your own time to qualify for the new operations. Your agreement provides that you receive a sufficient number of trips to become familiar with the new territory.
  5. It is important to us if your  experiencing excessive cab delay while performing this new work this could cause you to incur additional limbo time. Essentially causing you lost earning potential either by restricting your starts or guarantee.

Brother and Sisters you are are the boots on the ground and we need your communication to keep us up-to-date if you are receiving everything your entitled under our agreements. Everything from your pay to the qualification process and beyond, your concerns are our concerns. We have just scratched the surface of the issues that will effect you moving forward, your concerns are important to us we want to assist you through this process.