Success is no accident. I am pleased to announce that last Saturday the Maryland House of Delegates passed HB66 by a vote of 102-30 and last Wednesday, the Washington State House of Representatives passed HB1841 on a vote of 72-24. Both votes were bi-partisan. In Maryland and Washington, two-person crew legislation now move to their respective state senates.

Last week’s successes, along with Colorado (the Colorado two-person crew legislation sits at the desk of Governor Polis waiting his action), is due in large part to the hard work, perseverance and local knowledge of our state operations. Larry Kasecamp in Maryland, Herb Krohn in Washington and Carl Smith in Colorado have been key players, working with state legislators and other stakeholders to find the way around the railroads’ (and their highly paid lawyers/lobbyists) roadblocks.


Our entire team of state directors make success possible at the state level. By mounting 20 plus efforts at state capitols around the nation, we are showing our united effort (and keeping the railroads’ lobbyists busy, wondering where they will fly-off-to next).

So even when we come up a tad short in a state, it should not be viewed as a failure, but instead the building block to the next legislative session. Colorado, Maryland and Washington attest to that - this is their second or third bite at the apple.

When it comes to member and public safety, we shall not rest and we will not settle at no for the final answer.

In solidarity,

John Risch
National Legislative Director