Union Pacific scales back work on new train yard in Mumford

MUMFORD, Tex. (KBTX) - A major project promising hundreds of new jobs in Robertson County is being scaled back.

Union Pacific announced they have reduced the amount of contractors working at the new Brazos Yard being built in Mumford. It's a large train yard expansion project under construction in Robertson County.

Previously, the railroad said 500 jobs would come as a result of the project.


On Wednesday, Union Pacific wasn't able to offer an updated number of expected jobs. The project is currently scaled back to 90 contractors.

Trains are already rolling down new tracks in Mumford near the school, but the drop in workers has been obvious to the community.

"One thing we've noticed... Obviously, is the traffic out here," said Blayne Davis, Mumford ISD Superintendent.

"Most of our tax money out here comes from ag and a little bit of minerals, but, you know, we're hoping it would be something that could help stabilize our tax base," said Davis.

Union Pacific said they are evaluating their customer needs and reviewing the efficiency of their rail network. They said the review is happening in all 23 states they operate in.

"I don't know any details... It's probably just economics. They're probably not hauling as much stuff on the railroad cars would be my guess," said Robertson County Judge Charles Ellison. He said Union Pacific told him about the scale back in the last few weeks.

"From what we understand is that their progress really depends on the market and the demand," said Davis.

The railroad previously said the yard should open in 2020. On Wednesday, Union Pacific said they don't have any opening date for operations.