Vacations 2019

  • We are now taking 2019 Vacation Bids.

  • We have added some new options to submit the form to us. We have kept all the options that existed before and added some new options for our members to try out. Please feel free to use which ever method is best for you.

  • Start thinking about your vacation bids.

  • As a reminder we will be awarding your full bid, all splits in strict seniority order.

Bid the vacation you really want to be awarded. Bid each week in multiple Choices.


2019 vacation bid request Pdf form options

  • Please download the PDF file to your device/computer. (Button Below)

    • Option 1 - Fill in the form your device/computer and PRINT the file.

      • Send the file via fax (312) 207 - 0908

      • Send the form via mail:

        • SMART-TD Local 528
          730 W. Randolph Ave Suite LL1
          Chicago IL 60661

      • Put completed form in any Local 528 Drop Box.

    • Option 2 - Fill in the form on your device/computer and SAVE the file.

      • Send the file via e-mail to us at

    • Option 3 - Email the form with the blue EMAIL button on the bottom of the form.

      • Works on Windows Computers, Apple Computers & Android Devices.

      • File must be opened using Adobe Reader.

      • Your email software has to be configured correctly.

      • Does not work in APPLE IPhone & IPAD devices. (PRINT it out and get it to us)

  • Form was designed to be opened with Adobe Acrobat Reader. If possible use the following applications. Click on the link to take you to the download page for the software.

2019 vacation bid request online option

You can fill out and submit the complete form online below. Bids will be awarded in strict seniority order for all splits. BID THE VACATION YOU REALLY DESIRE.